Make Your Business Data-Driven

We help aggregate your data from various sources, transforming and cleaning it in the process, so it offers an integrated 360-degree view of your organization. Reporting and machine learning tools can then be layered on this to glean diagnostic and prescriptive insights to drive improvements for your business.

Data Science Services, Data Science Consulting

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Customer Data Analytics
Customer Analytics

Understand who your potential and current customers are and maximize the value of your relationships through analytics.

Data AI Strategy
Data and AI Strategy

Work with us to map the optimal path for your data analytics and AI projects.

Data Engineering Services
Data Engineering

Design and build data repositories aggregating data from across your systems to support 360-degree analysis of your entire business.

Matt Trocke

Data Product Owner
Self Esteem Brands

"Contata has done a great job at coming in and becoming experts in our data. They work well with loose requirements and ask great questions to determine what the end result should be. They truly have helped us standup our data environment to help us start to get business value out of our data in the BI space (PowerBI) and allow our business partners to help make more data driven decisions and conversations. They have been a great partner."

Chris Jackson

CyberloQ Technologies, Inc

"Contata’s professionalism, ability to deliver, and clear communication are what separates and delineates Contata from other companies. Contata’s employees all have their own various personalities, cultures, and ways that they disseminate information, which brings incredible value to our projects. I would recommend Contata to anyone for any type of project without hesitation. If you're looking for ways to develop and hire specific quality people and you're looking to do it on an affordable basis, Contata provides exceptional service at an exceptional value."