Data Sciences

Data Engineering
Design and build data repositories aggregating data from across your systems to support 360-degree analysis.

Contata’s data engineering consulting services focus on designing and building data repositories for businesses looking to move their aggregated data—collected from various sources—to a single, centralized location. We help you understand and apply data while maintaining security, quality, and regulatory compliance—fast, in real-time. Unlock the true potential of your data and get critical insights into your business to gain a competitive advantage.
Aggregated Fresh Data

Incorporate data from across systems and businesses into a single store ... ready for analysis.

Enforce Compliance

Avoid legal hassles with built-in support for internal and external compliance requirements including GDPR and CCPA/HIPPA/PCI.

Common Vocabulary

Establish a standardized dictionary of data fields to enable data integrity and common vocabulary across business stakeholders.

Architect the right data solutions for your needs.

There are a multitude of approaches for building solutions that integrate data from different sources and support fresh business insights. Ensuring a solid foundation and supporting structure for data intelligence enables true data activation, revealing previously obscured insights.

Leverage expert advice to select the right cloud or on-premises architecture incorporating ETL pipelines, data-warehouse/data-mart/data-lake, BI tools, and ongoing governance processes.

Enable critical decision-making with clean and fresh data.

Building robust data pipelines to continuously stream in clean and standardized data from different sources is a must to support on-demand business intelligence.

Engage experienced data engineers with a wealth of experience building pipelines for cloud or on-prem based deployments.

Build data repositories rapidly to support essential business functions.

Rapidly consolidating data in a single place enables quicker analytics and data insights from copious amounts and varied types of data (relational, logs, JSONs) with thoughtfully designed data lakes, warehouses, or data marts. Realize a lower cost of data capture and storage with a single source of truth for standardized data to support essential business reporting and analysis.

Start your journey to a modern data lakehouse.

Investing in a Modern Data Lakehouse isn't just a technological upgrade – it's a strategic move to future-proof your business. Say goodbye to data silos, scalability concerns, and slow decision-making. Embrace the future of data management and position your business for success.


Use Cases

Data Deduplication Process
Data Deduplication

Standardize, compare and remove or merge duplicate data records for efficient marketing and data analytics.

Automated Pipelines Developemnt
Automated Pipelines

Fetch data through push or pull mechanisms using APIs or file-transfers. Design and manage data updates through automated triggers.

Efficient Data Transformations
Data Transformations

Transform data to conform to standardized dictionary … meeting the needs for common vocabulary and compliance.

Data Lakes
Data Lakes

Deploy a data lake to house all data … transforming and aggregating them as necessary from your BI system.

Data Marts
Data Marts

Create data marts to provide specific views of the business, complete with predefined and computed performance metrics.

KPIs & Alerts
KPIs & Alerts

Define, compute and store performance metrics that are key to monitoring the health of your business.

Cloud Application Deployment & Maintannace
Cloud Deployment

Utilize the latest in cloud technologies to support fast and scalable data aggregation with a minimal of code build-out.