Data Sciences

Data and AI Strategy
Map the optimal path for your data analytics and AI projects.

We’ll partner with you to efficiently and cost effectively develop data and analytical tools that will help your organization achieve its goals.
Leverage Experts

Engage with our experts so you can converge quickly on optimal solutions for your data and analytics needs.

Chart Your Course

Chart out incremental deployments towards having more data-analytics and AI support your business.

Plan the Effort

Get a complete picture of timelines and costs for building and deploying prioritized modules.

Get a clear picture of the quality and coverage of your data.

Have data but unsure if it can be trusted? Data auditing allows you to find out how good your data is and what can be leveraged for useful analytics. We can help you easily understand your data and track the lineage across systems via simple data profile visualizations. Also, auditing can help you comply with standards like GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA to understand the origin, storage and use of sensitive data you may have.

Create bucket list of insights and forecasts needed.

Realizing true potential from your data is often vastly challenging compared to collecting and cleaning it for consumption. We can help you to standardize definitions of KPIs and metrics and re-imagine better ways to triage your hypothesis and data patterns into meaningful insights.

Formulate technologically feasible solutions to address needs.

A good data solution allows you to be prepared for changes while remaining scalable and cost-effective, and most importantly easy to use.

We help you decide your custom data solution and tools which work best for your needs after analyzing your data volume and sources, current tools and licenses, and ease of onboarding users to the solution.

Plan the resources and timelines for implementation.

With our over 10000 hours of cumulative experience in data project planning and execution, we help you develop incremental value in the shortest duration with the correct mix of resources.

Experience planners from Contata can develop plans, review and vet your delivery schedule to avoid project delays and budget overruns.


Tools and Technologies


  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Stories Onboard

Data Profiling/Auditing

  • Azure Purview
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
  • Informatica Data Explorer
  • Talend Open Studio