Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy Consulting
Set your marketing campaigns up for success.

Every great marketing initiative requires planning. With Contata by your side, we’ll help you identify the best audience, pinpoint the right marketing channels, and get into the market so that you can achieve your business goals.
Audience Selection

Work with us to help identify the right audience and segments to receive your marketing communications. 

Content Development

Develop content that is statistically proven to resonate with and engage your audience. 

Strategy Consultation

Partner with Contata’s marketing experts to receive top-tier marketing assistance and recommendations.

Pinpoint the best audience members for your campaigns.

Finding the right audience is difficult. And knowing when to reach out to that audience can be even more challenging. With our support, we help companies identify the right audience based off their demographic and geographic information alongside their propensity to engage with you. Moreover, we can use lookalike models designed off your best performing customers to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Select the right marketing channels to reach your audience.

Your audience is active on a variety of platforms. Be it on social media, email, the web or the newest app – your ideal customer is consuming lots of content across a myriad of different platforms. Partner with us to identify the right channels so you can cut through the clutter and engage directly with your potential customers.

Data-driven content.

Companies spend countless hours developing content that they think will engage their audience. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing messaging is left unseen or unnoticed and is instead lost in the clutter amidst numerous other similar marketing messages. With Contata’s support, we can help you develop content that can be statistically proven to promote high viewership, engagements and, ultimately, conversions.