Marketing Services

Your prospect marketing system. 

Relevate is an analytics-based prospect marketing system that gives companies in-depth audience targeting capabilities across multiple demographic and geographic verticals.
Prospect Marketing System

Connect with the right prospect for your company with Relevate’s premium and proprietary contact database.

Built for Distributed Marketing Models

Relevate is designed for franchise companies and organizations with distributed marketing models in mind. Through Relevate, companies can scale large marketing and outreach efforts while leveraging niche targeting and audience data.

Marketing Consultation

Our team of marketers and data analysts will partner with you to provide insight into your marketing performance and share recommendations on how to optimize your outreach initiatives.

Engage with your top prospects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Relevate empowers and equips companies with the ability to effectively engage with their top prospects. Using our proprietary system, companies that use Relevate can target prospects based off their propensity to engage with your content in addition to geographic, demographic and other information.

Relevate is designed specifically for large organizations with distributed, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Large, distributed companies like franchises can struggle to scale their marketing campaigns. Relevate helps large organizations conduct large-scale marketing campaigns while also providing targeting data that is unique to each business unit, team, franchisee or owner group.

We partner with companies to take their prospecting to the next level.

We’ll partner with you to ensure that your prospect marketing efforts are as good as they can be. From reviewing reporting data to providing recommendations on campaign optimizations and next steps, we’ll help you maximize your prospect marketing initiatives.