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QA Services
Quality Engineering

We understand the current market requirement for high-quality products and solutions. We offer quality engineering services through a stream of core test services.
Quality Application

Our QA Engineers functionality test applications for every “what-if” scenario so that the application performs the way you and your users expect.


Users will always expect an application that is free from vulnerability so that their data is safe. We’ll guarantee that your applications are safe and secure.

Quick to Market

By utilizing Agile methodologies, we quickly create and deliver iterative improvements.

Current market requirement of high-quality products and solutions.

In today’s hyper-connected world, quality makes a difference between success and failure. In fact, challenges such as inability to assess and adopt newer tools and technologies, longer development and test cycles, and limited expertise for specialized testing affect system quality and reliability.

Contata Solutions understands this critical challenge and offers an entire gamut of quality testing services that help customers significantly improve their application’s quality, increase productivity, and reduce testing times.

Easy Regression Cycle.

With new and improved web, mobile, and API test tools, building and maintaining automated tests for your applications has never been easier or more effective. We are experts in the latest QA technologies. As a result, our clients shift from scheduled software updates to continuous delivery of new updates – without the fear of having fatal flaws in their code.

  • Selenium automation testing with Java, C#, Python and more
  • Cucumber, Jasmine, JUnit, NGUnit, Mocha, Chai
  • API testing with Rest, SoapUI and more (or Rest API Automation Testing)
  • Performance and stress testing with JMeter, LoadRunner and more
Accelerate Delivery of MVP.

Agile development demands constant interaction between QA engineers and development teams in order to accelerate the delivery of minimal viable products (MVP). Time zone, language skills, and cultural affinity are critical in supporting an Agile QA process.

Our QA Engineers collaborate with your product stakeholders, project management or your engineering staff to ensure the right QA testing services are implemented so that milestones are met. Whether they are manually testing a new feature, adjusting an automation test, or consulting on the details of a story’s acceptance tests, our QA engineers help developers accelerate the delivery of new features into production.


Use Cases

Functional Testing
  • Manual Regression
  • 3rd-party Integration
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Business Process
  • Security
  • Usability
Database Testing Developement & Testing
Database Testing
  • Extract, Transform & Load
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Rules
Performance Insight and Performance Testing
Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Load
  • Stress
  • Performance Diagnostics
Automatic Testing
Test Automation
  • Functional
  • Database
  • API
Web Development Services
SOA / Web Services
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Security
Product Development and Testing
Product Certification Testing
  • Domain-based Validation
  • Quality Attributes Validation