Marketing Services

Marketing Analytics
Gain deep insights into your marketing initiatives.

You’ve come up with a marketing plan, built great content, and have launched your programs into the market. Now what? Understanding the impact of your marketing initiatives is paramount to not only establishing performance, ROAS, ROI, etc., but also understanding how to model your upcoming marketing programs. At Contata, data is our specialty and turning your data into actionable insights is our mission.
In-Depth and Detailed Analysis

Garner insight into your marketing performance so that you can quickly adapt and optimize your campaigns.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Use our proprietary and robust data dashboard to get a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of how your marketing initiatives are performing.

Consultation and Analytical Support

Leverage our team’s in-depth data and analytical expertise to understand how your marketing campaigns are performing. We’ll also provide your team data-driven recommendations that you can use to optimize your outreach efforts.

Understand how your campaigns are performing.

Understanding how your campaigns are performing is critical to your company’s success. Knowing which initiatives work, which don’t and how to implement those learnings into your ongoing efforts is the only way to be successful in today’s marketing landscape. Partner with us to build an in-depth reporting engine that lets your organization understand and act on your most important KPIs.

Get a consolidated snapshot of your marketing performance.

Having access to deatiled data is great. But understanding and distributing that data can be challenging. With Contata on your side, we’ll help you create unique data views and dashboards that are tailored to your organizations needs. All so that you and your company can quickly and simply see and understand your campaign’s performance.

Putting your marketing data to use.

Understanding your marketing data is important. Putting your marketing data to use is game changing. Partner with Contata to review your marketing performance data and we’ll provide analytic drive recommendations on how to further optimize and improve your marketing efforts.