Application Development

Cloud Application Development
Leverage cloud infrastructure for faster builds, reduced costs, and increased reliability.

We take a holistic view of your application architecture and service delivery processes. This allows us to build a continuous integration and deployment system that fits your unique requirements.
Faster Deployments

Release systems to users faster with ready hardware and software infrastructure for everything from build & deployment tools to run-time components such as databases and queues.

Elastic Resources

Adapt to usage patterns, scaling hardware and software capacity up or down on the fly, for optimal cost expenditure.

Dev Ops & Security

Realize the benefits of complete and modern set of dev-ops tools including monitoring, load balancing, clustering, CDN, SAN, automated backups, replication, VPC.

Simplify Your Cloud Journey.

Contata provides experienced, savvy Dev-Ops engineers who build custom solutions leveraging AWS, Microsoft Azure, private cloud and other cloud suppliers. By building in continuous integration, delivery and performance testing, enterprises can realize always-on availability, workload mobility and end-to-end visibility with their cloud infrastructures.

Microsoft Silver Partner.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Contata is part of an elite group of developers who deliver Intelligent, flexible solutions built for cloud, hybrid and on-premises scenarios. Leveraging their expertise in modern cloud application development, cloud security, and advanced analytics and reporting, our engineers help clients modernize and differentiate their businesses to succeed in the cloud-first world.

Deliver Quality Applications Quickly.

We take a holistic view of your application architecture and service delivery processes. This allows us to build continuous integration and deployment systems that fit your unique requirements.

Scalable and No Maintenance.

Serverless architectures offer greater scalability, more flexibility, and quicker time to release‚Äďall at a reduced cost. With serverless architectures, developers do not need to worry about purchasing, provisioning, and managing backend servers. Serverless architecture uses an event-based system versus stream-based. With event-based architecture, each subpart of the application is independent. Events trigger one another. If there is a failure, it just impacts that event, not the entire log.

Building a Serverless architecture with Microservices is the only way we know to develop cloud-based applications. We have a highly skilled team that can work in a variety of technologies.


Use Cases

Azure Cloud Development
Azure Cloud Development

Our developers have exhaustive experience developing and deploying applications on Azure.

AWS Cloud Development
AWS Cloud Development

We have highly experienced teams that specialize in developing for AWS projects and deployments.

Architecture and Design
Architecture and Design

We will help you determine the right environment for your application with tools and technologies following industry standard practices.