Marketing Services

Direct Mail & Digital Marketing

Reach the right customers at the right time with fully integrated direct mail and digital campaigns.
Data-Driven Decision Making

Our team of data scientists and marketers arm you with the key insights that inform your marketing initiatives.

Sophisticated Approach

We leverage emergent technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to ensure that you have effective, well-performing campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

Our team of marketers and data scientists are constantly optimizing and improving your campaigns – all so that you can have an edge over the competition.

Harness the power of data to achieve marketing results.

Our modeling methodology identifies high propensity audiences around your stores and optimizes what DM piece will yield the highest appointment rate and ROI at an individual level.

Elevate your direct mail campaigns with email, digital, and social.

Compliment your direct mail campaigns by engaging your audience through email and on social media. Clients who have paired other channels with direct mail have seen a 15-20% ROI for their marketing.

Engage audience members who have just moved to your area.

Our new mover targeting identifies and engages consumers who have recently moved into new homes in your targeted areas.

Decrease costs and eliminate executional headaches.

Make gift card fulfillment easier for your team with the AmpAI Gift Card platform. With over 300 gift card options, you find something for all your customers.